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Unlock the value of your B2B content
Turn valuable content into hundreds of unique posts that drive leads and impressions.


How is Publet better?

Publet takes undiscoverable content stuck behind landing pages and gated PDFs and allows you to extract hundreds of snippets for social media or email. Readers can find and share parts of your B2B materials anywhere on the web. You exponentially increase discoverability of your content while converting more leads with smarter gates.

These companies use Publet because their ebooks, white papers, and research perform better than ever before.

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A better way.

Here's how Publet works:

  1. Turn one piece of content into hundreds of new leads
  2. No more lead pages blocking users. With Publet, one publication becomes hundreds of unique posts. We help you extract them so readers can find a portion of your content through search or social media. You decide exactly how much to give away and when to trigger lead forms: by time, action, or content consumed.

  3. Supercharge your SEO
  4. All of your content is indexed, SEO optimized (unlike PDFs alone) and easy to share on social media. Publet has an editor to let you make interactive HTML5 and PDF content so you can build beautiful content perfect for any device on the web.

  5. Measure customer insights
  6. We collect data on individual leads, audience behavior, and content performance and send to Salesforce, Marketo, or other marketing automation software. See what content performs best and who your best customers are.

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Our customers are making hundreds of ebooks, white papers, case studies, financial statements and B2B materials.

Core benefits

Get more leads


Rank higher on search/SEO. Be shared on social media. Customers have seen leads rise by 200% over conventional PDF content.

See customers' behavior


Collect customer data and see engaged time increase by 160%.

Perfect on mobile, SEO, social


Reach all devices perfectly: phone, tablet, desktop.

Empower your team


No code. Empower anyone on your team to make and update content in a third of the time.

Create once. Be everywhere.